At Vermont Arborists, we pride ourselves on being in the forefront of tree care and tree removal.

Our certified arborists have a passion for the industry. Our customers can be assured they will receive the finest in quality work and safety. When you’re ready to fall in love with your property, then you want to contact us.

As of spring 2019 our 5 field personnel have:

Serving Waterbury, Stowe, Montpelier, Morrisville, Barre/Berlin, Burlington, Essex, Shelburne, Charlotte, Williston, Richmond, Waitsfield/Warren, and the North East Kingdom.

Vermont Arborists has a long history dedicated to trees.

When Michael Roche joined  Vermont Arborists in 1988, it was already established as Stowe Tree Service. The name was changed in 2010 to Vermont Arborists, to reflect an expanding customer base into other areas of the state. Over the past three decades, Michael and the company have continued to increase their knowledge and hone their skills, gaining accreditations and certifications that place them at the forefront of the arborist profession.

Certified Arborists 1
owner Michael

Michael Roche

Owner - President - Certified Arborist

Michael graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Forestry in 1982, and began working in the field shortly after. Other than a short hiatus in the mid-1980’s, Michael has been an arborist for over 35 years, and is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable tree care providers in the state of Vermont. Michael has worked with trees for all of his adult life.

Michael became a partner of the company in 1988, and sole owner in 1993. He is Certified by the International Society of Arborists, is a Vermont Certified Pesticide Applicator and is a member of the Tree Care Industry Association. He occasionally writes for Tree Care Industry Magazine where he researches and writes technical tree care articles or writes about his experiences in the field. An experienced climber and machinery operator, Michael now spends most of his days consulting with current and prospective clients, acquiring new arborists to increase his exceptional staff, and running the company.

Certified Arborist ISA
Certified Treecare Safety Professional
TCIA Accredited

Andy Book

Certified Arborist, Climber & Tree Healthcare Technician, VP Tree Health Care Operations

Andy obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont in Forestry in 2007, and has been working in the tree care industry for the past 11 years. While working for a small, family owned company in Massachusetts, Andy learned various aspects of arboriculture including tree climbing, cabling and bracing, pruning, hazardous removals, equipment operation, shrub pruning, planting, and Integrated Pest Management. He has his Massachusetts Pesticide Applicators license (36408), is an ISA Certified Arborist (NE-6771A), as well as a Massachusetts Certified Arborist (2467).

Certified Arborist ISA
Certified Treecare Safety Professional

Jeffrey Spear

Certified Arborist & Climber, VP Operations

Jeff has 13 years of full time experience working with trees, although he got his start much earlier… The son of an arborist, he was always helping his dad on Saturday tree jobs. He started climbing at 18 and never looked back. Jeff has been with VTA since 2014 and is most at home doing large, technical removals. When Jeff isn’t in the canopy, he can be found going for long motorcycle rides, sailing in the Caribbean, or traveling the world. Jeff became a certified arborist in 2013 and is a certified tree care safety specialist. He is also the first and only lumberjack in history that can’t grow a beard.

Certified Arborist ISA
Certified Treecare Safety Professional

Cristi Laux

Office Manager & VP Administration

Cristi takes care of all of the day to day tasks that keep Vermont Arborists running smoothly.  If you call during business hours, you will most likely be speaking with her.  She has a degree in Environmental Studies from Connecticut College, a certification in herbalism through the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, and a son that she thinks is pretty cool.
Certified Arborists 2

Geoff Fehrs

Certified Arborist & Climber, VP Sales

Raised in suburban Connecticut, Geoff found home in northern Vermont in 2011. After earning his BA in Outdoor Education in 2016, he spent several years working in public mental health and higher education before starting an owner operated landscape business in 2018. A chance meeting with Michael Roche in the Fall of 2019 led to his joining the Vermont Arborists team. When Geoff is not in the field doing tree work, or meeting with clients to discuss the best options for their trees, he is spending time in the Northeast Kingdom with his wife and son.
Certified Arborist ISA

Zinn Wolfe


A native to the area, Zinn came to work for Vermont Arborists in the spring of 2018. He supports our team and operates and maintains equipment while gaining an expanding knowledge of the industry. When not learning the craft of Arboriculture from the ground up, he can be found enjoying anything outdoors. An avid snowboarder in the winter, he fishes, hunts, and rides his motorcycle in the summer and fall.

Certified Arborists 3
Certified Arborists 4

Michael Carlin

Crew Member

Mike came to Vermont Arborists with 6 years of professional guiding experience in both rock and ice climbing. He sought out work in the tree care industry in effort to apply his climbing and rope system experience to a new context. He has learned a lot since joining the team in the spring of 2019, and looks forward to the learning to come. When Mike isn’t working with trees, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and whitewater kayaking.

Jake Blauvelt


Jake first became interested in Arboriculture as a child when his father quizzed him on tree identification in the sugarbush. He has always wanted to take his knowledge of trees to the next level, and is excited to be able to dive in and learn from the best. “I’m grateful Vermont Arborists has taken me under their wing, and look forward to learning all I can, while providing an important service for the community that I was born and raised in.”

Aside from learning the craft of arboriculture, Jake is arguably one of the very best all around & most talented snowboarders in the world right now. When not in the mountains, or up a tree, Jake enjoys time with his wife and two daughters.

Certified Arborists 5
Certified Arborists 6

Andrew Mumley

Crew Member

Andrew came to Vermont Arborists in June of 2021 with a background in culinary arts, having made the recent move to his own gardening and landscaping business. After being hired by Michael Roche to do landscaping at his home, he began working with Vermont Arborists one day a week. This eventually led to a full-time position working with the company. He has a strong work ethic and is constantly willing to learn the trade of arboriculture. Being raised in Vermont, Andrew has always had a strong passion for the outdoors and working outside. When not working at Vermont Arborists, he can be found in his gardens or by a river with his partner and two dogs.

Jacob Nichols

Crew Member

Born and raised in Milton, Vt, Jake spent a number of years working in the culinary arts. After trying his hand a number of skilled trades, his passion for small engines, specifically chainsaws, led him to the field of arboriculture. While Jake is learning the trade from the ground up, his work ethic and mechanical skills make him an invaluable member of our team.
Certified Arborists 7

Lloyd Shackett


Lloyd is a third generation Vermonter who has been working on cars for nearly 40 years. He is our in-house mechanic and the owner of Tools on Wheels. He rents space in our garage and, although not on the payroll, rounds out the team. Whether in the shop or out in the field, Lloyd saves the day when any mishaps arise. His ability to jump in and fix the trucks and equipment at a moment’s notice is invaluable and translates to efficiency and savings for our customers.