Healthy plants create beautiful yards.

From insect and disease problems, to construction damage or environmental stresses, trees can struggle and often the owner doesn’t know why. We have certified arborists ready to diagnose the problem and come up with a cost-effective solution.


Proper fertilization, tailored to your plants needs, can ensure long-term health and nutrition. This process generally involves injecting a liquid fertilizer onto the roots of your tree.


Disease and insects can compromise the health and longevity of your trees. At Vermont Arborists, our technicians are licensed through the state of Vermont to safely spray trees with oils, and biological and chemical agents. We utilize state of the art machinery for even distribution, and always strive for the most environmentally sound solutions.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

An Integrated Pest Management approach nourishes and protects through stimulating your tree’s natural defense mechanisms. It combines organic and more traditional treatments in order to achieve ultimate plant health with minimal environmental impact. Our IPM Program is tailored to ensure your trees have everything they need to thrive.

Root Health & Composting

A healthy root system anchors a tree in place, and extracts nutrients and water from the soil necessary for proper growth. Soil compacted around your tree’s roots, from heavy wheel or foot traffic, can cause incredible stress to these vital systems, and usher in a host of problems.
Vermont Arborists utilizes a specific scientific process to break up soil compaction around the root system. Following this, our trained arborists can begin remediation through nutrient management and proper mulching tailored to your trees specific needs. Mulching and composting are a tailored process involving peeling back any lawn or other barrier and spreading organic matter directly over your trees root system. Our trained arborists will blend and apply the correct combination to help jump start your tree’s root system.

Take Action Before Removal is Your Only Option

This is urgent! The emerald ash borer has been identified throughout Vermont. Now is the time to protect your ash trees! Ash trees were commonly planted in our area and you may have one or more on your property. We can treat them to save them if you want or discuss a plan for their removal as this becomes necessary.