Tree removal is dangerous business

There are many reasons that necessitate taking down a tree. Our trained, Certified Tree Care Safety professionals have the experience, equipment and skills necessary to ensure a safe and efficient removal.

Vermont Arborists is fully insured and complies with the latest ANSI safety standards.

Stump grinding

Once a tree has been safely removed, we can grind out the stump so that you can have lawn again. The benefits of stump grinding include pest prevention, ease when mowing, safety and general aesthetics. Vermont Arborists offers affordable stump grinding of the trees we remove. The wood chips created by the process can then be used to fill the hole, mulch your garden, or we can cart them away with minimal impact to your lawn.

If you would like to plant a replacement tree or shrub near that location, we would be happy to help. Please see our Tree & Shrub Planting page.