Tree Work in the Winter 1Tree work in the winter provides many advantages for homeowners and business owners that are not necessarily available in the warmer months. The most important factor is frozen ground. When the ground freezes up, it is possible to move heavy machinery across even very soft lawns without any noticeable damage. At the very worst, there can be some minor ruts that are made, which are easily fixed in the spring.

Timing however, is everything. You need the ground hard but the snow not so deep that you can’t get through it. In this situation, most people just have a few trees they need removed and you can move efficiently across the landscape to get the trees pulled out in a timely manner. If you have a very large job, with many tall trees to come down, and you can fit a skidder into the property, then you can work even when the snow is deep.

Vermont Arborists has worked through many winters and knows how to tailor a job that fits the site perfectly. Before we begin, we establish goals with the owner, then set up a timeframe when the work is best done, and then make sure the right machines and manpower are in place to perform the job efficiently.

The only real downside to winter work is the clean up is not as good. Frozen trees shatter when they hit the ground, and snow and ice do not rake well, so usually there is additional clean up in the spring.

Winter also tends to be a time for heavy work, not detail work. Granted pruning fruit trees is best done when they are dormant, but you don’t have to do it in the teeth of the winter. This is a time for big removals that can only be accessed when the ground is frozen, or pruning jobs where there is not a lot of detail work that is necessary.

So if you have those few big trees that you were not sure how to get out of there, or you need a view reestablished, winter could be the best thing for you.

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