VtArb welcomes Certified Arborist, Andy Book! 1Andy graduated UVM in 2007 with a degree in Forestry. He comes with every credential a tree service could hope for: Certified Arborist, pesticide spray license, CDL driving license, experienced tree climber, and a desire to get his Certified Tree Care Safety Professional certificate. He is now our fourth Certified Arborist.

Over the years, Vermont Arborists have been fortunate to have many wonderful employees. After a job is done, customers often ask, “Michael, where do you find these guys?” And my answer is almost always, “They find us.”

Andy is now our fourth Certified Arborist on staff. He found us by going online, seeing our videos, and realizing we have a documented safety program. One of the things he said he liked best about our videos, was that our chainsaw chaps were filthy. To him, that meant we were the kind of company that uses their safety equipment all the time, not just for the video- and he was right.

In this business, a trained professional is looking for quality work, compensation commensurate with skill, and a safe working environment. Our customers are looking for quality work and good service at a reasonable price. As it turns out, the two are very compatible. By hiring on people like Andy, we move efficiently and get a lot of work done. We have good attitudes because we get to make a decent living and more importantly we have a safe working environment. This is reflected in the quality of our work done at a reasonable price.

So the next time you want to hire us, ask for one of the Certified Arborists. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get one, anyway. Jamie’s been with us over ten years, Jeff for two, Andy just started, and of course me- I’ve been here for 28.