Thankful 1With winter arriving fast this year we have already worked almost a month in the snow, and the long term forecast shows more frozen precip with below normal temperatures. Tree work is a dangerous business and when you add in these kind of conditions, the danger increases. I’m fortunate to have an experienced crew who can handle tough conditions and know how to work safely.

I just got back from vacation for all of Thanksgiving week, having left strict word that I only wanted be contacted for an emergency…

The upside to that is a finally got to relax. The downside is that I really didn’t know how things went- and the first hour back for me is a semi-nervous conversation about what happened. Fortunately, once again, my crew stepped up and everything went great. Actually, better that I thought it might especially considering they were climbing trees in the mountains in the snow.

I have a tough bunch that work for me, and as an owner it’s nice to know that I can go away on vacation and the challenges of running a tree service were met by my crew, and everything went fine.